blockade adani

Holding the front lines to stop adani and protect the galilee

Despite a summer of one of the worst fire seasons on record, & the highest atmospheric CO2 levels in human history, our corrupt politicians continue to move against the interests and wishes of the people whom they were elected to represent. Our government insists on increasing fossil fuel extraction including opening up the Galilee Basin to coal mining, starting with Adani’s Carmichael mine. Blockade Adani is on the front lines protecting the Galilee Basin from destructive coal and gas extraction in order to create the world we wish to live in.

Steps to joining the Blockade Adani Frontlines.

  1. Check out the Frontline Information Pack
  2. Organise your travel. You can find others to travel with on the Facebook Group
  3. Once you have locked in travel details, let us know and someone will be in touch


Non-violent direct action (NVDA) has a long and proud history. Many social and environmental justice battles have been fought and won with non-violent direct action at the core.


We know that it can often be daunting to pack your bags and go somewhere new. We’ve compiled this handy information on what to expect when you get to the blockade.


First Nation’s peoples are the original front line defenders of this country. We can learn much from their struggles for land rights and justice.

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Adani has proven time and time again their disregard for human rights, land rights, workers rights and our environment.

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While the rest of the world increasingly looks towards renewables for energy production, Adani is still on the ground building it’s climate destroying coal mine, despite a summer with one of the worst bushfire seasons in recorded history. With our government failing to act, it has become the responsibility of all of us to stop the destruction that Adani’s, and other mines in the Galilee Basin will cause. This include:

  • Destruction of ancestral lands, waters and cultures of Indigenous people.
  • Destruction to the Great Barrier Reef, with increased traffic of 500 coal ships per year.
  • Destruction of the climate, with an addition of 4.6 billion tonnes of carbon pollution