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Backed by state and federal governments, Indian mining giant Adani wants to build one of the world’s largest coal mines, right on the doorstep of our Great Barrier Reef.

Adani’s polluting mine would be a disaster – it would cook the climate, wreck the Reef, trash Aboriginal land rights, and in a drought-prone state, rob us of precious water. 

For years, Australians from all walks of life have held back Adani’s mine. We have protested, petitioned and raised our concerns about the impact on the climate, the land, our water and of course the Reef. Yet our federal and state Governments continue to give Adani their support.

With Adani promising to start construction imminently, now is the time to step up like never before.

Take the pledge:

I pledge to participate in dignified, peaceful civil disobedience to protect the climate, Reef and everyone’s future by stopping the construction of Adani’s coal project in Queensland. It’s time to show our leaders that we won’t let the fossil fuel industry trample anyone’s rights, safety or future.